Police set out their new plan

BURGLARY and theft, antisocial behaviour and Road Safety are the top three safety worries of local people in Banbridge.

Police have vowed to further tackle these issues following a consultation by the District Policing Partnership.

The next year’s policing plan aims to reduce the number of incidents of these crimes - as well as tackling violent crime which has increased locally in the past year.

The plan sets a target of reducing road collisions by 60 per cent by 2020 and reducing the number of people seriously injured in road collisions by 45 per cent in the next eight years.

On burglary the plan states, “Burglary is a particular concern to everyone, especially householders and to businesses, large and small. Preventing and reducing crime improves the quality of life for all communities. We will seek to reduce the overall number of burglaries and thefts occurring in your area.”

In relation to Road Safety police said there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of casualties on local roads but they will continue to seek to improve road safety.

Anti social behaviour is seen as one of the main issues affecting communities, with police saying they will work to continue reducing incidents across the district.

Local police said they are also committed to “Professional Policing” - remaining visible, available and responsive to the needs of the community.

A spokesperson added, “We will continue to implement the Policing with the Community 2020 Strategy which aims to support the delivery of community confidence, satisfaction and safety through personal, professional and protective policing.”

Neighbourhood police said they are committed to being on neighbourhood policing duties for at least 80 per cent of their duty hours.

Violent crime was also identified as a concern among those who took part in the community policing survey.

A spokesperson said, “Although we have considerably reduced the overall level of violent crime in recent years, we have seen a slight rise this year and we know there is more to be done and will seek to reduce the number of assaults.”

Police have pledged to reduce the number of non-domestic violent crimes involving injury.