Police seize drugs and cash near Lurgan

Police seized a significant amount of cash and a large block of suspected drugs during an incident near Lurgan on Friday (May 5).

Sunday, 7th May 2017, 10:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm
The items seized by police.

They also seized £1,000 worth of cannabis resin during the incident.

The drugs and cash were found after police stopped with a man in a parked car at Oxford Island on suspicion of drink driving.

When the occupant became aggressive he was handcuffed and his vehicle searched.

Cannabis resin worth around £1,000, £5,500 in cash and a large block, suspected to be drugs, were found. The block has been sent away for forensic testing.

Explaining the find Craigavon PSNI facebook page said: “Our colleagues in B Section came across a car parked up in Oxford Island with a guy behind the wheel who didn’t quite look right. He shouldn’t have been in a pub in that state, let alone a vehicle.

“Often, when challenged, people protest their innocence... Occasionally though, people get really defensive, really aggressive, and therefore really handcuffed.”

They added: “Our guys and girls let the peelers nose take the lead. They began to suspect that our irritable handcuffed man was hiding something. They suspected that it might not just be drink he was under the influence of, and so carried out a drugs search... Jackpot!

“What they found were a couple of bars of resin, worth around £1,000, over £5,500 in cash, and this mysterious massive block! It’s not like the films where we cut it open and give it the taste test, so it’s exact ID is a question mark right now. Forensic testing will give us that answer. At the lower end, if it’s resin, it’s at least £5k worth. If it’s powder of some sort, that figure multiples a considerable number of times.”

They added: “Whatever it turns out to be, he’ll have some time persuading the judge it’s personal use! So far, possession of class B and possession with intent to supply. To add to that, he refused to provide a breath sample at the roadside too, a further offence in itself.

“Drug supply isn’t a victimless crime. Often, users fund their habit by shop lifting, frauds, and burglaries. The money they hand over goes up the chain too. It’s often linked, further up the line, to human trafficking and even terrorism. Drugs kill in more than one way.

“Some great work from the guys and girls of B Section. One of them was heard shortly after to shout, “Flippin right! Woohooo!” before high fiving everyone in sight. Well, not everyone. It’s hard to high five in handcuffs.”