Police seize 250 items of alcohol including 22 bottles of ‘Lurgan Champagne’

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Police have seized 250 items of alcohol and issued 15 social service referrals during a clampdown on anti-social behaviour last night.

During Op Snapper, aimed at curbing trouble from end-of-exam revellers in the Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon areas, the PSNI also collected 74 litres of cider and 22 bottles of Lurgan champagne (Buckfast).

Furthermore 18 beers and 16 litres of vodka were confiscated plus one bottle of Jack Daniels.

According to the PSNI Craigavon Facebook they seized “24 bottles of ‘pure ming’ AKA alcopops and five bottles of ‘actual wine’.”

There were also 15 social service referrals during the operation.

Plus 250 people were ‘spoken to’ by the PSNI.

During 21 searches drugs were discovered including one find of Class A, three finds of class B and one find of Class C plus one find of 200 prescription medication.

Three vehicles were seized for not having insurance.

They also issued three community resolution notices and made six reports to the PPS.

The police said: “Hopefully there’s a few less hungover teenagers out there than usual today! Hopefully even some at home who may otherwise be in hospital, or worse.”