Police investigating reported fraud by bogus work man

POLICE are currently investigating a reported fraud perpetrated by a bogus work man in Hillsborough.

On September 1 a male called to the home of an elderly lady in the Carnreagh area claiming she owed him money for work carried out on her roof.

The resident had not requested any work be done nor was there any evidence it had been carried out however she gave the man cash as requested.

The male called back at the house on 4th September requesting a substantially larger sum for other works. When told by the householder that she did not have the money the man told her to get it and he would call back.

On September 6 it was reported that an unknown male had been banging on the windows of the same house overnight.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who has noticed a male, described as of a hefty build, 5’10” in height, approximately 50 years old with a Northern Ireland accent, calling to homes in the Hillsborough area over recent weeks. The number to call is 0845 600 8000.

Officers would also advise that householders do not give cash to unsolicited callers to the home or those who ask for money for jobs upfront. Often these callers are not legitimate tradesmen and many householders end up seriously out of pocket.

Crime prevention advice is available by contacting your local Crime Prevention Officer Michael Green at Lisburn police station.