Pet owners alarmed by anti-freeze threats

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A comment made by a man on Facebook threatening to kill cats with anti-freeze has alarmed Banbridge pet owners.

The comment was shared on the social network site and resulted in people reporting it to local police.

It has been reported that a man claiming to be from the area is annoyed that cats have been fouling in his garden and has threatened to place anti-freeze around his premises to kill the cats.

A police spokesperson said: “Police in Banbridge are aware of comments made on a social network site and enquiries are ongoing into the matter. No reports of harm being caused to any animals have been received.”

Anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) causes the animals to suffer a slow and painful death. It is usually colourless and odourless liquid with a sweet taste. By the time symptoms such as vomiting, lethargy and, in the latter stages, head shaking and coma occur it is often too late to treat.

Renal failure is frequently the cause of death, with damage to the kidneys, brain, liver and blood vessels.

The sooner veterinary treatment is given, the better the chances of survival for the animal.