Owner appeals for public help after bike theft

A Dromore man this week appealed for public help in the hope of putting the brakes on an opportunist thief and recovering his stolen bike.

Monday, 12th August 2013, 9:30 pm
A bicycle similar to the one that was stolen.

One of two bikes owned by the Mossvale Court man, who uses them to train with a friend, the red and white B’twin road cycle was taken from the side of his house late on Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

Unable to replace the bike, valued at around £250, the keen cyclist is raising public awareness in the hope it will help track down the thief, whom he believes acted alone and may have been spotted by a neighbour.

“A male was spotted in the area, acting suspiciously, at 11.30pm on Monday, by a neighbour,” he said.

“However, she thought he had left when he saw her.”

The local man said that when he left the bikes ready for early morning use on Tuesday - as he often had before - the possibility of theft just didn’t occur to him in an area where he believed it unheard of.

“I have two identical bikes that I regularly train on with a friend and I had left them at the side of my house in Mossvale Court, Dromore, as we had planned an early cycle for Tuesday,” he said.

“I deemed the Court safe as I have never heard of any theft in the area before and the bikes have been there countless times before with no bother. The thief took only one of the bikes which suggests he acted alone. It’s a real shame as I have a young family and can’t afford to replace the bike.”

The distressed owner added, “I have contacted as many bike shops and clubs as possible to ensure the bike is spotted if the thief tries to sell it. The police and council also have pictures of the bike.”