New scheme aims to tackle burglaries

An anti-burglary scheme has been launched in the Beechwood area by police.

Tuesday, 25th June 2013, 9:00 am

The area was selected from a number of housing developments and homes in the area will receive a free SelectDNA property marking kit to help protect property and valuables.

The kit allows you to mark and protect valuable items, both quickly and easily and deters would-be thieves and in-house theft.

Police say the scheme has been proven to reduce thefts by up to 85% in some cases, especially where people are made aware of its use through warning labels, window stickers and outdoor signage.

The property marking kit is suitable for home PCs, laptops, flat screen TVs, DVD players, SPSs, ipods, mobile phones, antiques, paintings, garden sheds, mowers, motorbikes, scooters, motor vehicles, SatNavs, horse tack, farm machinery and much more.

E District Crime Prevention Officer, Michelle Wilson, explained, “We hope that this scheme will make householders in the local area more security aware and provide them with the opportunity to protect their property. The anti-burglary scheme is about empowering householders to take preventative steps against burglary.

“As part of the anti-burglary scheme we are also encouraging Beechwood residents to consider a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NHW) and are keen to hear from any resident who would be interested in taking on the role of NHW coordinator.

“Neighbourhood Watch is a partnership between local communities, PSNI and Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs). The schemes aim to help you protect yourself and your property and to reduce the fear of crime.

“Anyone can belong to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and play a part in its achievements. A scheme can cover just one street or part or all of an estate and requires a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. The coordinator acts as a link between the community and local police and they are the first point of contact for all members of the scheme and receive and distribute information. Anyone who is interested in the role of NHW Coordinator can contact me on 0845 600 8000.”