Midnight driver was caught with no lights on car

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When a blood sample of a man who had been driving in Banbridge was analysed it was found to contain cannabis and prescription drugs.

Mark Curran (31), Grove Meadows, Banbridge, admitted driving while unfit on April 4 last year last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court.

He was fined £300 and banned from driving for 12 months.

For not having lights on the vehicle he was fined £50, disqualified for one month and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that shortly after midnight police stopped a vehicle which was being driven with no lights on in Grove Meadows, Banbridge.

Curran appeared very drowsy and his pupils were dilated.

Police believed he was under some form of intoxicant and he failed an impairment test.

A sample of blood was taken from Curran and an analysis revealed it contained drugs including cannabis and diazepam.

The amount would have impaired his driving.

A solicitor representing the defendant said that although the toxicology report showed there were a number of drugs all of them, with the exception of cannabis, were for therapeutic use.

He explained Curran had been using the prescription drugs to stay off alcohol and was currently in rehabilitation in the south of Ireland to try and get himself sorted out.