Man ‘menaced’ estranged wife

A 42 year old Banbridge man who “bullied, threatened and menaced” his estranged wife and young family in a “disgraceful episode” has been given a suspended prison sentence.

William Isaac Kidd from Brooke Terrace, Banbridge pleaded guilty to common assault when he appeared before last Thursday’s local court.

District Judge Paul Copeland told Kidd to “examine his future conduct”, warning him if he appeared at court again he could go to prison.

A PPS prosecutor explained how at tea-time on 29 October last, police were tasked to attend a domestic incident.

When they arrived they found Kidd in an intoxicated state and there appeared to have been a fight with his ex partner.

The injured party gave an account of what happened and said he appeared uninvited and pushed her. There were no injuries sustained.

Barrister Mr O’Hare explained that on the day in question the youngest of the couple’s three children had eight teeth taken out at hospital.

“This was distressing for the child and he returned to the house under the influence of alcohol. There were others at the house and he was concerned about an apparent party going on and pushed past the injured party going through to the kitchen.”

He said the injured party had previously taken out a non-molestation order against the defendant but had not sought to renew this as she felt comfortable that there was no longer a threat.

Mr O’Hare stressed the fact that alcohol was a factor and indeed his client had sought help with the addiction services. He pointed out that his client hadn’t touched alcohol for 10 months.

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland said, “This court takes a particularly firm view of those who intimidate, threaten or molest current or previous partners particularly females who should be in the safety of their own homes.

“You bullied, threatened and menaced your estranged wife and young family in a disgraceful episode and the court is concerned about your future conduct.

“You need to examine your future conduct because of you appear again you can go to prison.”

Kidd was sentenced to three months suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to pay the injured party £300 compensation within a ten week time-frame.