Man fined after mistaking police van for taxi

A 21 year old Banbridge man who mistook a police van for his taxi demanded that officers take him home, the local court was told.

Appearing at court last Thursday charged with disorderly behaviour was Keith Dowd from The Rowans.

He was fined £100 after the court heard how he shouted foul language at officers.

The incident occurred at 11.30pm on May 3 when police were on duty in Dromore.

Dowd approached the police vehicle and opened the side door and attempted to enter. He said, “I want a f***ing lift to Banbridge.” He was highly intoxicated and asked to moderate his language.

Dowd later returned to the vehicle and shouted, “Go f*** yourself, f*** you.” He was cautioned but made no reply.

Solicitor Mr Paul Downey said this was a young man who rarely comsumes alcohol: “He had been at a stag do and for a prank one of his friends said the police vehicle was the taxi. There is no excuse for his behaviour and he is deeply embarrassed by it. This was the first time he had taken a drink in over a year and admits he can’t handle drink. This was totally out of character.”