Let us know where the hotpsots are - police

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POLICE have appealed to the public to continue to inform them of areas across the district which may be affected by anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Jacqui Gillespie made the plea at last week’s District Policing Partnership after the issues of underage drinking and assaults in the town was raised by the council chairman.

Mrs Joan Baird asked what the police teams are currently doing to tackle “hotspots” in Banbridge.

The councillor and DPP member asked, “What are you doing about the test purchasing of alcohol. Non-domestic violent crime has not been reduced, do you find that that is aclohol-related?”

Inspector Gillespie told the meeting that the figures,when broken down, equate to less than one assault a week and said police would be working hard to meet their targets in the coming months.

“We have a little bit of time left before our year is up and we will do our best to turn that figure around.

“In terms of hotspots we work on a lot of information we get from the public. If we know it’s happening in a certain area we will patrol that area. But we would continue to appeal to the community to tell us where the problems are and we will act on that intelligence.”