Keep valuables out of cars - police reminder

POLICE in Banbridge are once again reminding motorists to remove all valuables from their cars when they are leaving their vehicles.

The reminder comes following at Castle Street car park in Rathfriland on Wednesday, 16 November.

Some time between 3.15pm and 3.40pm the window of a Ford Fusion was smashed and a handbag taken.

Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed this incident or has information in relation to it to contact them on 0845 600 8000.

Neighbourhood Inspector Jacqueline Gillespie said: “Thefts from vehicles is raised as an issue of concern at many of our DPP meetings and we frequently issue advice on how motorists can protect their property.

“It is vitally important that motorists remove all belongings from their vehicles and ensure their vehicle is locked and secured when unattended. If a thief can see it they will steal it!

“Simple steps like closing the windows and locking the doors of your vehicle and locking valuable items in the boot of your car, or removing the face plate from your in-car stereo system can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime.”

Rathfriland councillor, Elizabeth Ingram, added, “It is hard to believe that this type of incident could take place in one of our town carparks during daylight hours. It has to serve as a reminder to us all to be vigilant at all times.

“This type of criminal activity often seems to go unnoticed and it is therefore vital that anyone who can recall anything suspicious around the time this theft took place should report it to the PSNI and help assist them to track down the person or persons responsible.”

Improved car security features such as alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can also help protect your vehicle and your valuables.

As it only takes a matter of seconds to break into a car, we would also urge local residents to promptly report all suspicious activity they notice near vehicles, or car alarms that have been activated, as this will help to deter and help us to detect those involved in this type of crime. Police can be contacted on 0845 600 8000.