Katesbridge speeder is fined

A 42-year-old Katesbridge man caught speeding in a Transit van between Dromara and Katesbridge has been fined £140 and awarded six penalty points.

Jason Hamilton from Carnew Road, Katesbridge, who works as a meat processor, was also fined £60 for not wearing his seat belt when he appeared before the local Magistrates Court last Thursday.

The court heard how on 29 September last, police were on mobile patrol in the Kinallen area at a 30mph zone when they observed a white Transit van go past driving at excessive speed.

They followed the van and noted it was travelling at speeds between 40mph and 70mph. It passed a bus stop which contained a number of pedestrians and passed a number of individuals out walking.

The vehicle was eventually stopped and officers asked Hamilton if he knew why he had been stopped.

He said he was aware he was speeding and not wearing a seat belt.

Barrister Mr O’Hare said his client was married with two children and travelled in excess of 40,000 miles per year with three vans on the road.

“He is of impeccable character and is normally a very conscientious driver.”

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland said this type of speed was totally unjustified in this area.

He was also ordered to pay an offenders levy of £15.