‘I have wrecked my family’

A 51 year old Dromara man has been convicted of driving with excess alcohol.

Verner Robert Finlay from Whitethorn Lane was fined £200 and banned for a year.

The offence came to light on April 2 at 8.30pm when police received information and they called at the defendant’s home. He matched the description and was extremely contrite saying to police, “I just don’t know why I did this nothing is good enough. I have wrecked my family tonight.”

A breath test revealed 130mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

A solicitor said his client worked as a landscape painter and at the time of the offence was very distraught.

“Because of the pressures he was under he had taken drink on the day. He had clearly drank a considerable amount given the reading. He is deeply remorseful.”

The solicitor said his client had been driving for 33 years and will face considerable difficulties as he travels to exhibitions and craft fairs to put his wares on sale.

Mr Copeland said he would give him credit for his plea and his exemplary and comparatively clear record.