‘House arrest’ for husband after drugs find in boxer shorts


Banbridge Court has heard how police searched a local property under warrant and discovered cannabis hidden down a local man’s boxer shorts.

Appearing before Deputy District Judge Ms Brady last week was Glen King from Scarva Walk, Banbridge.

The court was also told by his solicitor that King was using the drugs due to “pre-wedding jitters.”

The court was also reassured there will be no repeat of his action as King’s wife is “very anti-drugs” and he is “under house arrest.”

A PPS prosecutor explained how the search was carried out at the home of King’s then fiancee on 29 July.

The drugs had a street value of £10 and King made a full admission at the scene.

Solicitor Mr Ingram said his client was unemployed through stress but was hoping to get back to work.

He said King is now attending his GP and has received medication for stress, as well as undergoing tests for heart complaints.

“He has been off the drink and drugs for 12 months but had a relapse on this occasion. He was getting married on 15 August and had the pre-wedding jitters. It was the onset of his nuptials and he relapsed.

“His wife is very anti-drugs and he was hiding them from her. She is a nurse and drums this into him. It is like being under house arrest for him.

“She is keeping a beady eye on him and is watching him like a hawk.”

Judge Brady said, “He has taken a very foolish risk as he is under a suspended sentence for other drugs offences.”

She said if it hadn’t been for Mr Ingram’s strong plea of his behalf, King would have been going to jail.

He was fined £150 and told to “take that as a warning.”

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.