Headbutted a hole in wall then called police

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After head-butting a hole in a plasterboard wall in his girlfriend’s home a 30-year-old man rang police to tell them what he had done.

David Patrick McCormick, Brook Grove, Banbridge, was convicted of criminal damage and common assault on a female on October 24 last year.

Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday that at around 11.30pm police received a report of a man who had put his head through a wall at his girlfriend’s house. McCormick had made the call.

He had damaged a plasterboard wall.

She claimed she had been hit in the face and grabbed by the throat.

McCormick said: “I admit head-butting the wall. That’s why I called the police.”

He later provided evidence that he had repaired the wall. The injured party refused to make a statement.

McCormick had previously been convicted of the offences in his absence.

A barrister representing the defendant said his cousin had committed suicide and this had troubled him resulting in his lifestyle taking a downward spiral.

He added that McCormick had not worked since then and suffers significant issues.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said this was ‘a rather bizarre incident’ and that the court took a serious view of any domestic assault.

He gave McCormick credit for the way he had met the matter and the fact he was still in a relationship with the woman.

On each of the two charges he imposed a conditional discharge for two years.