Handed over drugs before search started

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When police indicated they were going to carry out a drugs search of a car a 26-year-old man handed over cannabis to them.

Damien Donaghy, Brague Road, Corbet admitted unlawful possession of cannabis resin on June 27 this year.

Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday that police stopped a car at a vehicle checkpoint shortly before 5pm on the Huntly Road.

As a result of the behaviour of the driver they indicated they were going to carry out a search under the drugs legislation. Donaghy, who was a passenger in the car, immediately produced cannabis resin saying: “I’ll give you this. It’s all I have.”

The value of the cannabis was about £10.

A solicitor representing the defendant said his client did have previous convictions for class A, B and C drugs.

He added that this was a very small amount for Donaghy’s personal use.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said the defendant had a propensity for this type of offending.

He adjourned the case until November 2 to obtain a specific sentence report in relation to community service.