Had cannabis in pocket

A 31-year-old Banbridge man who suffers with limb problems, has been convicted for possession of cannabis.

Brian Patrick McCartan from Oak Grove, Banbridge was fined £250 in addition to an offenders levy of £15.

Officers were on mobile patrol on Novemnber 2 when they observed two vehicles parked and as they approached they moved off. McCartan was searched and a small quantity of herbal cannabis was found in his trouser pocket.

He was cautioned and made no reply but later admitted possession.

Solicitor Mr Michael Gillen said his client was a disabled man who had problems with his limbs. He said he “dabbled in assisting with his condition.”

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland said, “Given your history you would do well to have nothing to do with illicit drugs. It is totally unacceptable that you seek to convince the court you had took this for medicinal purposes.”