Email scam warning

A LOCAL councillor has warned internet users of an internet scam targetting customers of a well-known bank.

Councillor Brendan Curran said people need to be wary of being fooled by the scam.

He said, “Anyone receiving an email from Halifax.Uk.Notification should be alert to the fact that this is a scam and should immediately delete it. The email is headed #‏Account Alert! #‏ and claims that the customers account will be deactivated within 24 hours because of several unsuccessful attempts to log on to it. If you click on the link that is provided for customers wishing to prevent closure of their account you can expect to have your personal details stolen.”

Having recevied one of the emails, Councillor Curran said he immediately became suspicious.

“As I was suspicious I immediately contacted Halifax and was informed that I was the twentieth caller about the same issue,” he said. “They informed me that they do not contact customers by email as they do not consider it secure and advised immediate deletion.”

Mr Curran warned against replying to any email, phone call or written communication that you don’t expect to receive.