Drugs man gets jail warning


A 20 year old local man caught in possession of Cannabis has been warned by the local court that he now stands convicted of a serious offence and could expect to go to jail if it happens again.

Christopher Knox from Brague Road, Corbet was fined £250 and ordered to pay an offenders levy of £15 after he pleaded guilty to possession of a Class B drug.

District Judge Mr Copeland told Knox that he has already been warned about drugs and “ignored that.”

“This can attract a period in custody. It is illicit criminal conduct. If you appear here again you can go to jail - it is that serious,” said the Judge.

The court heard how the offence came to light on May 8 at 3.15pm when police observed a black Seat Ibiza car at Linenhall Street.

Officers could smell cannabis and during a search Knox handed over a small bag containing cannabis.

A joint was also found in his jacket pocket.

Solicitor Mr Downey described his client as very industrious as he works in the family butchers and has recently taken on more responsibility due to his father having undergone an operation.

The solicitor said it was an extremely small amount of drugs for personal use and Knox had co-operated fully with police.

He said his client would never take drugs and operate a car.

A destruction order was granted for the drugs.