Drove off after hitting vehicle at filling station


Banbridge Court has heard how a local man collided with a car parked in a filling station and drove off, despite telling the other driver he would pull over and exchange insurance details.

Appearing before Thursday’s Magistrates Court was William McCallum from Castleview Gilford who pleaded guilty to having no licence, failing to stop, remain and report, no insurance and taking a vehicle without permission and causing damage.

A PPS prosecutor explained how on 29 September, the injured party, a female driver, had parked at the pumps of the Maxol station on Scarva Road.

As she came out of the shop back towards her car, she watched McCallum trying to squeeze past her car. His Ford Focus collided with her car causing damage.

McCallum indicated to the injured party to move her car forward and he would pull in behind her and exchange details. After the woman pulled her vehicle forward, McCallum drove away and out of the filling station.

The female injured party noted his number plate and contacted police, who called at his home and noted the car with damage.

It transpired that the vehicle was McCallum’s partners and it had been taken without permission.

He had no licence or insurance.

A solicitor said unemployed McCallum held his hands up and will pay for the damage to the injured party’s car.

Mc Callum was fined a total of £500 with a £15 offender’s levy.

He was also awarded six penalty points.