Dog found abandoned

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A DOG found abandoned in Gilford has been named “Lucky” following a court case last Thursday at the local Magistrates.

The case of the terrier/Staff cross came before the local court when an Animal Welfare Officer made an application under the Welfare of Animals Act 2011 for the dog to be taken to a sanctuary.

The court heard how the dog was found abandoned in a makeshift pen at Dunbarton Street Gilford in February.

Animal welfare officers attended and could see that the dog was suffering. It was found located on derelict ground behind business premises. Officers spoke to various business owners but no-one knew anything about the dog.

Mr Copeland granted the application to formally seize the dog and hand it over to the sanctuary.

He asked barrister Mr O’Hare, “Does this dog have a name?”

Mr O’Hare replied that it didn’t to which Mr Copeland replied, “Well it does now, its called Lucky.”