‘Cruel and heartless’ assault on partner

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A 36-year-old local man who subjected his partner to a “heartless and callous assault” has been handed a five month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Last week Banbridge Magistrates Court heard how the 12 year old daughter of the victim attempted to intervene during the assault by Carl Jones, from Brookfield Meadows, to protect her mother.

When police arrived they found the highly distressed woman with facial injuries including deep cuts above her eye and swelling to her forehead.

Details of the “violent assault” were outlined to the court by a PPS Prosecutor. When Jones was arrested and interviewed he admitted hitting the woman with his phone stating, “It wouldn’t surprise me if she jumped into the way of it.”

The prosecutor explained that on 18th November last police were called to Meadowbank, Seapatrick and spoke to the woman who lived at that address.

As well as her injuries she had fresh blood on her face and her clothes. She was visibly shaken and made a statement saying the defendant had caused the injuries and that the couple’s 12 year old daughter had been present during the assault.

She said her child had intervened trying to protect her.

During interview at the Police Station, Jones said it was an accident and that he threw the mobile phone and it “clipped” the victim.

The court also heard details of a second case which occurred 10 days earlier when Jones attended the home of a female and tried to get inside.

He shouted, “If you don’t let me in I will break the door down.” He kicked and banged the door before making off when he kicked the wing mirror off the woman’s sister’s car causing total damage of £693.11.

Barrister Mr Byrne confirmed that the assault occurred when Jones was on bail for the criminal damage charge.

He said his client was a native of Birkenhead and met his partner some 17 years ago.

“She had two children of her own and he took them on and raised them as his own. They went on to have a child together - a 12 year old girl.”

“The couple have reconciled and are still in a relationship albeit at separate addresses.”

Mr Byrne said his client was made unemployed some 14 months ago and police checks have revealed there have been no other reports of domestic violence either locally or in Liverpool.

“He was diagnosed with a medical condition and the assault was a combination of that and being made unemployed.”

“The side effects of his medication left him feeling anger. On reflection he referred himself to Craigavon Area Hospital. He recognises that stopping the medication was not good. He is now seeking help for mental health issues and is trying to get work. He is not at a high risk of re-offending.

“The two incidents occurred because the parties had separated. He accepts kicking the door panel and the wing mirror.”

Mr Byrne stressed that the injured party was “quite keen that the couple remain together.”

District Judge Mr Copeland said, “This is frequently a hallmark of domestic violence whereby there is a reluctance to put distance between the parties.”

He added, “This was a serious combination of offences last November that were part and parcel of an ongoing background of domestic violence.

“This was an aggravated assault in her home. It was cruel and there was a child present. It was a heartless and callous assault.”

Jones was ordered to pay compensation of £693 for the damage caused to property and £500 compensation to the victim of the assault.

He was also ordered to engage with probation Service.

Mr Copeland added, “I fear for a harmonious relationship given your past.”