Crashed scooter after taking prescription drugs

A 19-YEAR-OLD Banbridge man who crashed his scooter after taking a combination of prescription drugs, has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Stephen Ian Williamson from Ashgrove Avenue, Banbridge was sentenced to five months in prison which was suspended for three years.

He was also fined £250 with an additional offender’s levy of £15.

Williamson pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while unfit through drink or drugs.

The court heard how on 25 April last year at midnight, police attended a two vehicle collision at Reilly Street, Banbridge.

The driver of a Volkswagen Passat car said that as he exited Reilly Street a scooter went through a red light and collided with him.

Police spoke to Williamson who had been driving the scooter.

At first he appeared calm but then became extremely agitated and police were concerned about his behaviour.

Williamson was taken to hospital by ambulance and police attended the hospital to take a sample of blood.

Solicitor Mr Michael Gillen said his client had taken a combination of Diazepam, Temazepam and Triazepam as he suffers from mental health problems.

“This concoction of drugs was prescribed by his doctor,” the defending solicitor said.

Handing down sentence, District Judge Mr Paul Copeland said, “If you think for one minute that I accept you were an innocent abroad who hadn’t read the label on the box properly, then you have another thing coming.

“You have previous convictions for misuse of drugs and when you are out and about you are placing others in danger. Consider yourself fortunate this is a suspended sentence.”

Williamson was also disqualified from driving for three years.