Charity cuppas at Holy Trinity

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A coffee morning organised by members of Holy Trinity Parish Church Banbridge has raised £1,255 to help Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda.

Supporting the event local MLA Jo-Anne Dobson said: “I am aware of the long association which Seapatrick Parish has with Kiwoko, and through fundraising and prayer they are helping to support a building project at the hospital.

“I was absolutely delighted to hear the magnificent sum which they have raised and send my congratulations to everyone involved for their continued work.

“The committee are currently selling alternative Christmas gift cards to help support their work and I would encourage people to think about this as they begin to write their cards this year.

“Through their hard work and dedication the Mission Committee are making a fantastic difference to the lives of people in Uganda and I am delighted to add my support to their important work.

“Well done to everyone who helped out and supported the coffee morning on Saturday.”

If you are interested in supporting the work of the group with the hospital you can help by buying some Christmas cards. Contact Elaine Elborn via