Caught at house in Brookfield


A man caught at a house in Banbridge in breach of his bail conditions, appeared before the local court last week after spending a night in custody.

Earl Buckley was found behind an address in Brookfield Avenue, in Banbridge at 8.20pm on 3 September.

He is awaiting trial for assault and as part of his bail conditions, he must adhere to an 8pm-8am curfew.

The court heard how a member of the public spotted him and contacted police. He was intoxicated at the time.

Buckley, with an address in The Oaks, Portadown was told on Thursday that his bail future was now in jeopardy and he was reminded by Judge Copeland that he has no less than 47 previous convictions.

Barrister Mr O’Hare said his client was visiting his three children in Banbridge when detected.

He said Buckley had been out on a fishing trip and had stopped off to see the children at his ex-partner’s home.

Mr O’Hare stressed this was a 20 minute breach and he wasn’t aggressive or hostile, it was a loss of judgement and a miscalculation of time.

He said his client had spent a night in custody and this had been a salutary lesson to him.

Judge Mr Copeland said, “When you appear before Banbridge Court your name is all too familiar.

“Your record goes as far back as 2002 - 12 years ago when you started out on your criminal career.

“You are now in a position to appreciate how robust and far reaching bail enforcement is.”

However Mr Copeland said he would give him credit for admitting his irresponsibility and the fact he didn’t give police any trouble.

“If you do this again you could end up in custody for an extended period of time.”

Bail was re-instated at £500 with a surety of £900 from his sister.