Call to tackle drugs demand

MORE needs to be done to remove the demand for drugs on our streets, an Independent member of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership has said.

Jonathan Murphy, welcoming the recent the seizure of what was described as a ‘large amount’ of cocaine by the PSNI’s Organised Crime Branch near Banbridge, said:

“Its great this supply of poison has been taken off the streets. The police should be congratulated on this. But we need now to look at how to take the demand for it off the streets too.

“We all know the pain that drugs cause families and communities. They lead to harm for the user and for those around them.

“Drugs cause other crimes too. We need to tackle drug use through innovative education about drugs, through showing people what the real effect of them is on your own body. This requires lots of different organisations to be involved, and it’s something that I will be championing and advocating for the remainder of my term as a member of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership. I hope that it’s something that my colleagues will join with me in pursuing.”