Burglary fears are revealed in report

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A recent Policing report has revealed that burglary is still the biggest concern for most people living in the Gilford area.

This was revealed during a meeting of the Gilford Forum when the Policing Committee of Banbridge Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) attended with members of the PSNI.

The Chair of Gilford CPLC and local Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Co-ordinators and members of the PCSP Policing Committee attended the forum along with Sgt Billy Stewart from Banbridge and Gilford Neighbourhood Team and Inspector Nigel Graham.

Councillor Seamus Doyle, Chairman of Banbridge PCSP and the Policing Committee, commented: “The Policing Committee were pleased to hear the report from Sgt Stewart that indicated a steady drop in the overall reported crime figures for the Gilford Area.

“Burglary still remains the biggest concern for most people with those attending highlighting concerns about bogus callers in Gilford village in recent weeks.

“But the local Neighbourhood Officers are doing an excellent job in following up with people who have been victims of burglary particularly those who are aged over 65 where they have followed up with 100% of people.”

Councillor Doyle continued, “I was delighted to see a strong turnout of local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators.

“Several new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have been set up in the Gilford Area in the past six months, and this can only be a positive contribution to making these local communities safer.”

Sgt Stewart added, “We were delighted to attend the meeting and have the opportunity to update Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and the Policing Committee on the work we are doing to make Gilford safer.”

The PCSP Policing Committee will be holding community and policing public meetings in Banbridge town on Thursday May 29 at 7.45pm in the bowling pavilion and in Dromore Fire Station on Wednesday June 4 at 7.30pm.

For further information about Banbridge PCSP call 4062 0246, or E: pcsp@banbridge.gov.uk .