Bore the hallmarks of a ‘boy-racer’

A GILFORD driver who pulled his handbrake causing his car to hit a kerb, has been told by a Magistrate that his actions bore all the hallmarks of a “boy-racer.”

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland made the comment to Jason McCusker (24) from Castleview when he appeared before Banbridge Magistrates Court last Thursday.

McCusker has originally been charged with dangerous driving, however, the PPS agreed to reduce the charge to one of careless driving.

He was fined £200 and awarded six penalty points which on top of an existing three leaves him with nine penalty points on his licence.

Mr Copeland said, “I will stay my hand at disqualifying you on this occasion but you are on the point of it if you get any more points.”

The court heard how late in the evening of 20 December last, police observed McCusker drive from the Rathfriland Road, Banbridge towards Kenlis Street crossing the roundabout in an erratic manner.

His wheels then locked and the vehicle slid making contact with the kerb.

Police stopped him using blue flashing lights.

McCusker told officers he had pulled his handbrake as he thought the roundabout was slippy.

He said he was a well experienced driver and thought this might be useful but admitted he had no training to drive in this manner.

A solicitor explained that on the night in question he had been asked by a friend to drive to the 24 hour Tesco shop to get Calpol for a sick child. The solicitor stressed that McCusker had never appeared before in an adult court and his driving on the night in question was out of character.

“His mother has medical difficulties and his licence is essential in taking her to and from medical appointments.”

The court heard that McCusker’s three penalty points were due to him having zeon lights on his car.

Mr Copeland remarked, “You should consider yourself fortunate that the Prosecution amended this to a charge of careless driving and you would have been disqualified for a piece for exhibitionism.

“Irresponsible motoring can contribute to accidents.”

McCusker was also ordered to pay an offenders levy of £15.