Bombers are living in the past

THOSE who left a pipe bomb outside the home of a retired policewoman in Laurencetown are living in the past, according to Upper Bann MLA Jo-Anne Dobson.

Mrs Dobson said she was disgusted to hear of the security alert last Thursday.

“This is a throwback to the past and many within our local community had felt that these incidents had been confined to the dustbin of history,” she said.

“Those who chose to leave this device clearly have little care for those who could have been killed as a result. It will have been frightening for residents and serves absolutely no purpose but to disrupt.

“These attacks only succeed in galvanising the determination of law abiding citizens to make sure these people do not impose their will and disrupt normal life.

“I commend the swift actions of the PSNI in clearing the area and evacuating the residents in a safe and orderly manner and the technical officers for making the device safe.”