Banbridge man is fined for shouting
 foul language at July parade


A 20 year old man who shouted foul language in front of families and young children during a parade in July, appeared before the local court last Thursday.

Stephen McAllister from Leamount Park, Banbridge was fined £200 and bound over to keep the peace for two years.

A PPS prosecutor told the court how the incident occurred on 14 July when officers on parade duty had cause to speak to McAllister for disorderly behaviour.

A solicitor explained how on the day in question her client had found out his partner was with another man and this arose out of an altercation whereby McAllister had been assaulted.

She said her client had since been reconciled with the woman, and apologised for his behaviour.

McAllister was also told to pay a £15 offender’s levy.