Always check for ID, police warn

POLICE in Banbridge are advising the general public that if somebody calls at your door unexpectedly selling goods or collecting for a charity, ask to see identification.

If you are not entirely satisfied they are who they are claiming to be, call the free Quick Check number - 0800 0132290. A trained operator will contact the company the caller claims to represent to ensure that they are genuine. If they are not or the operator thinks there is anything suspicious, they will contact police immediately.

This advice follows an incident in the Ashgrove Avenue area of Banbridge within the past few weeks when a male was found in possession of a fake sponsorship sheet for a major charity following a call to police from a concerned resident.

Police are reminding the public to be vigilant. Chances are if a criminal targets one house in a particular neighbourhood, they may try another neighbour or someone else a few doors up.

You know who lives on your street so if you see someone acting suspiciously note down any important details such as a description or car registration and contact police on 0845 600 8000. They will follow up on your call and there is every possibility your information could prevent a crime.