Craig encouraging kids to fly high

Past pupil, Craig Hutton, along with his dad Davy Hutton, Mr Wilkinson and Junior School Pupils.
Past pupil, Craig Hutton, along with his dad Davy Hutton, Mr Wilkinson and Junior School Pupils.

A familiar face at Dromore High, former pupil Craig Hutton paid a visit to the school to encourage pupils with the message ‘dream, fly, believe,’ just ahead of the release of his new album Anam Cara.

It’s a message he can validate for having come up through the High School and been unsure what path his life would take, Craig has taken his musical ability to new heights, the new album being endorsed by both Authentic Media and also Compassion, a Christian child sponsorship ministry.

“I wanted to encourage the kids to dream big and fly high, because God has big plans for us” said Craig. “I walked in their shoes at the High School and never thought my life would be where it is today. I wanted them to know that if they dream big, they can make those dreams become a reality.”

Craig told the junior school assembly how he missed out on GCSE grades and had to go back to education a number of years later, when he successfully gained a degree. Then, when he and his dad entered a music competition and came second, this led to an opportunity in the music industry.

Craig is now vocalist and guitarist with the group The White Goose and they held their album launch on Saturday October 4 at Dromore Cathedral Halls.

Craig said: “There’s six of us in the band and we wanted to hold the launch in Dromore Cathedral as really the band was birthed in Dromore Youth For Christ and most of the band members met through Dromore YFC.

“We were excited when Compassion contacted us to ask if they could partner us and then Authentic Media rubber stamped our album and will be distributing it in shops across the UK and Europe. As they partner with EMI it will also be distributed through America and Canada.

“The album is called Anam Cara which is Gaelic for Soul Friend and through it we wanted to create something people could take and make their own. On the front cover of the album is a person looking up a massive mountain and on the back the person is at the top of the mountain. We hoped to take people on a spiritual journey and wanted them to know that no matter how much wrong you’ve done or how far you have gone, you can’t outrun God’s grace.”

It’s a message Craig is used to putting across in his role as youth work coordinator with the Porch Project at St Mary’s church, Hadleigh.

Earlier in the year they were visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury who praised their “extraordinary” work.

For more information see The White Goose facebook page.