Court rules in favour of Banbridge Council

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A long running Judicial Review brought by Bryson Recycling Ltd against Banbridge District Council’s decision to remodel its kerbside recycling services has been rejected by Mr Justice Treacy at the High Court.

Bryson Recycling sought judgement against the Council on 11 separate grounds, but Mr Justice Treacy rejected all the grounds of challenge and awarded all costs against Bryson Recycling Ltd.

The rationale behind the Council’s decision was to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service as well as increase the district’s recycling rate.

Dissatisfied with this decision, Bryson Recycling Ltd - which had previously been contracted to provide a kerbside box recycling service - brought a Judicial Review against the Council in August 2011 claiming that the Council’s decision-making process was flawed.

David Lindsay, the Council’s Director of Environmental Services commented that the Council was extremely disappointed that so much time and resource had to be diverted away from getting on with the key task of delivering and improving services, in order to defend the Review brought by Bryson Recycling.

He stated that the ratepayers of Banbridge District Council had benefitted significantly both in terms of waste management cost savings and environmental gain with increased recycling rates, since the kerbside service had been remodelled two years ago.

And, he reiterated, “The Council will continue to strive to further develop this and other services to the benefit of its ratepayers.”