Counterfeit money passed

A Banbridge man who bought an exhaust through Gumtree using fake notes, pleaded guilty last week to possession of counterfeit money with intent to use.

Jamie McElherron (21) from Brookfield Meadows has been given a week to find £50 and pay compensation to the injured party.

A PPS prosecutor explained how on 26 January the complainant told police how three unknown persons bought an exhaust he had advertised on Gumtree.

Checks on a mobile phone number eventually led police to the defendant’s home which was searched. Officers found counterfeit currency and when questioned, McElherron admitted buying the exhaust, but stressed he did not know the money was counterfeit.

His solicitor Mr Daly said this was an attempt to “turn £25 into £50.” After being told the money had not been repaid, Mr Copeland said, “Your client has been in receipt of this court summons for six weeks and would have anticipated this money was to be paid back. If it is not paid next week then he is in big trouble.”

Speaking to McElherron, Mr Copeland said, “You have swindled this innocent man out of £50. You will pay it back.”