Councillors defend happy survey result

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Councillors have rallied to the defence of Banbridge after many were quick to slam a recent survey which placed the town as the seventh happiest place to live in the UK.

According to the Office of National Statistics, Banbridge, along with a host of other towns in Northern Ireland, is a very happy, contented place to live.

But going by responses on Facebook, this doesn’t seem to be the case and many are sceptical about the results.

However, local councillors think the survey’s findings are accurate and do reflect the general happy town that Banbridge is.

Councillor Joan Baird welcomed the news saying she believes the findings to be justified.

“Banbridge is a town for everyone and visitors regularly comment on how welcome they are made to feel and praise the many events regularly organised by the council and services available,” explained Mrs Baird.

“The council works for the good of everyone in the town and district and I think this is reflected in these findings.

“I think a small percentage of people like to be negative about surveys like this,” she commented.

Mrs Baird continued: “Only last week Seapatrick won a ‘best kept’ award and there are many positive things happening in the town and district.”

Councillor Glenn Barr agrees that the survey’s findings are accurate. He said: “This is a fantastic result for Banbridge and will raise the profile of the town across the water.

“It is nice to know that people are thinking about us.”

Mr Barr added: “Banbridge is a brilliant place to live and to shop and I would encourage people to pay us a visit.

“There are events and activities on throughout the year and there is something going on every night of the week.

Banbridge has something for everyone.”