Council welcomes voucher scheme

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A NEW scheme to help community groups with transport costs is being backed by Banbridge District Council.

Local groups with an annual income of less than £5,000 can receive transport vouchers up to a maximum of £200 to assist with the cost of community transport services provided by the Down Armagh Rural Transport (DART) Partnership.

Council Community Development Officer Robert Stockley said, “This new scheme is designed to help promote the social inclusion of small and poorly resourced community groups so that they too can enjoy the benefits that networking and engaging with other groups brings.

“We are supporting it because we recognise that transport costs can be prohibitive for groups with little or no income.”

DART Partnership Director Ian Wilson is delighted to have entered into a partnership arrangement with the council to provide local groups with cost-effective community transport services.

“Our organisation exists to provide safe, accessible and affordable community transport to eligible individuals and groups. We are confident that this new scheme will have a positive impact on smaller community groups in the Banbridge District, enabling them to offset some of their transport costs in a difficult financial and funding climate.”

To apply for transport vouchers, contact the council’s Community and Enterprise Department on 4066 0605. To check availability or request community transport services, contact the DART Partnership directly on 3831 7810.

The Council will no longer offer minibuses for hire.