Council staff pledge to have ‘waste-free lunch’

Banbridge District Council employees have pledged to sit down to a ‘waste-free lunch’ this month.

The initiative is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2013.

Running until November 24, the week aims to encourage householders, businesses, schools and organisations to think more about their waste.

As well as bringing a ‘waste-free’ lunch,staff members will be launching a litter pledge in local schools.

The council are also keen to encourage local residents to get involved in taking action for themselves.

Lynsey Daly, Waste and Environmental Manager for Banbridge District Council, said “We have taken part in European Week for Waste Reduction for a number of years and I feel it is a really great way to raise awareness of the need for improving the way waste is managed.

“It is hoped that other workplaces will follow suit and help complete their own waste reduction actions.”

She added, “The Love Food Hate Waste theme is very timely with the introduction of the council’s new food waste targets, and so we would really encourage our residents to get involved in some of the really simple actions available, such as downloading the Love Food Hate Waste App and making one of the recipes.”

Lynsey continued, “We are aware that there will always be an element of waste food from our homes, for this we would encourage householders to use their brown bin where the contents will go on to be recycled into top quality compost.”

Northern Ireland came 4th place across the whole of Europe during 2012.

This year the goal is that we can make an even bigger and better effort to really help put Northern Ireland on the waste reduction map.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to help householders make the most of their food, and money, by making some simple changes to the way they manage their food.

Tips include writing a meal plan for the week before doing the weekly shop; checking the date labels on your purchases to ensure that you get the longest life from your product and even how to cook some delicious and tasty recipes using the bits and pieces from your store cupboard and fridge.

For more information on European Week for Waste Reduction or for a wide range of tips, information and a whole host of delicious recipes log onto

For more information on recycling and waste in Banbridge, please contact the council’s Technical Services Department on 4066 0604 or send an email to: