Council hitting most of its cleaning targets

An annual performance report from Banbridge District Council’s Technical Service’s department has been praised.

Friday, 13th June 2014, 12:40 pm

At a recent meeting of the council’s Environment Services Committee Councillor Sheila McQuaid congratulated the department on it’s performance results for 2013/2014.

The performance reports keep elected members and the public informed of the standards of service provided by the technical services department and ensure that the Council remain focused on continuous improvement in service delivery.

Only two categories from a total of 20 failed to meet their target. The Director of Environmental Services advised that these categories of District Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance were difficult targets to meet.

Councillor Joan Baird said it was a “job well done” by the officers and those working in the Technical Service Department.

“We always try to be at the top of the pile and we want to continue this success,” she added. Some of the performance results included the department being successful in meeting its target of 100% of bulky items being assessed for the Restore Centre.

The department more than met it’s 90% target that all public toilets complaints would be responded to within five days.

It also surpassed the target of responding to 95% of all cemetery/ grave enquiries within two days and the same with its 95% target of reported littering at ‘bring’ sites being dealt with within two working days.

A totla of 100% of council bus shelters were cleaned every six months, 100% of council litter bins and recycling bins throughout the district were cleaned annually.

The department set a target for 90% of bulky items of waste being completed by an agreed date and surpassed it’s expectations with a rate of 98%. The department did not meet its target of obtaining 90% of complaints about littering/dumped waste being responded to within five working days - instead it managed 88%.

It had set a target of 90% of complaints about grounds maintenance be responded to within five working days but did not manage to achieve this with a figure of 79% being met.