Council and young people do business

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COUNCIL volunteers are helping young people to learn and succeed through business as part of the Young Enterprise “Our City” programme.

Karen McKinstry and Amanda Mulholland attended Edenderry Primary School where they each worked with a class of P5 pupils over a five-week period to look at issues around how towns and cities develop, the services that are provided and how those services might be adapted to meet the needs of customers and other businesses.

They also examined how workers apply their skills to their jobs and how their jobs make a difference in the community.

‘Our City’ is the fourth stage of the Young Enterprise Primary Programme. Starting at the age of four, students learn about their families, their communities, business and enterprise and how they work together to create the world around them.

Over the six years of the Primary Programme, skills are built on year by year.

Speaking on behalf of Banbridge District Council, the Director of Leisure and Development, Catriona Regan, said, “The Council welcomes the opportunity to support Young Enterprise in delivering this programme, as it teaches schoolchildren about how business works and the roles different businesses play in their community, country and their world. I hope the pupils at Edenderrry PS found the programme both enjoyable and informative and that it will help them develop their business acumen while also preparing them for the world of work.”

Speaking on behalf of Young Enterprise, Helen Fitzpatrick, continued, “It’s never too early to teach enterprise skills. No matter what field or career students will choose in the future, knowing how business works will give them a head start on their peer group. We are delighted to see members from the local Council and PSNI bringing our programmes to life in the classroom – volunteers are invaluable to our work at Young Enterprise, and we extend our thanks to them for delivering ‘Our City’ programme.”

The Principal of Edenderry Primary School, Mr Wilson, said, “Several of our year groups in school take part in the Young Enterprise Programme and benefit greatly from the activities. The particular programme in which our P5’s were involved fits in well with the ‘Where I live’ topic they are currently studying. The Young Enterprise programme is always really enjoyed by children and staff.”

The Edenderry P5 pupils welcomed Sergeant Billy Stewart from the PSNI Banbridge Neighbourhood Team to award their certificates of completion on February 29 and to talk with them about the contribution that they can make as good citizens to their local communities.