Concert in 1963 had Laura in ‘Beatlemania heaven’

The Beatles at the Abc Belfast 08 November 1963
The Beatles at the Abc Belfast 08 November 1963

It was fifty years ago on Friday when four lads from Liverpool travelled across the Irish Sea to perform a gig in Belfast.

The date was November 8, 1963, and the four lads in question were The Beatles and the venue was the Ritz Cinema in Fisherwick Place. The occasion was The Beatles autumn tour.

And among the hordes of screaming, ecstatic Beatles’ fans was Banbridge woman, Laura Avagliano - a young teenager who had travelled to Belfast to see Paul, John, Ringo and George in the flesh.

Now 64-years-old, Laura, who went to the concert with her sister Margaret Todd and her sister’s boyfriend, described the momentous occasion to the Leader.

“It was absolutely the most wonderful exciting concert I have ever been to.

“My Dad bought my the black trousers, black polo neck and Beatle boots to go,” she recalled.

“When The Beatles eventually came on stage I thought I had died and gone to heaven. To this day I remember every little bit.

“At one stage I saw a clear run onto the stage where I was hoping to get hold of Paul, but alas my big sister grabbed me back, I never forgave her,” joked Laura.

A devoted Beatles’ fan, Laura was a typical teenager. “I had photos of them all on every inch of my bedroom. And if I could I would do it all again. It was the most wonderful exciting experience ever.”

Alas, it was to be the only Beatles concert Laura ever went to, but she still remains a diehard fan.

“We went to live in London not long after that. I still play, dance and enjoy all their records; they will never die.”

Although, Laura has no pictures to remember the event, what it was like to be there will forever be etched on her memory.

“It was without a doubt the best concert I have ever been too. It was explosive.”