Concerns over Translink plans

The small scale provision of a planned bus facility in Kenlis Street has met a mixed reaction.

Translink has revealed that the £740,000 facility will be designed in such a way that the majority of the waiting space will be underneath the bus shelters and not indoors.

As well as a waiting area the building will have spaces for four buses to park and a ticket office.

Some people say the plans fall short of what they had hoped for as it is not quite a bus station.

Councillor Jim McElroy said that he felt Banbridge was being treated as a “second-class town” when you compared what neighbouring town had.

He said that additional facilities such as a room for tea and coffee would have been popular with older people.

Councillor Sheila McQuaid said the plans were “a great win for Banbridge”, and Councillor Carol Black said the facility was “better than noting”, but said she regretted that a large portion of the waiting area will not be sheltered.

The bus facility will be located near the existing toilets and work is due to begin this summer and be complete by the end of the year.