Concerns over teen glitter sex craze

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News from - call us with your stories on 406 62745

TEENAGERS are putting glitter on their bodies in an attempt to “mark out” who they’ve had sex with on a night out, it has been claimed.

The revelation comes as concerns arise over the number of teens getting pregnant and the increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases among young people.

There are currently fathers-to-be aged as young as 14 in the district.

“There is such a casual attitude to sex now,” said a local healthcare worker. “Peer pressure is a big issue, they think everyone is doing it so they have to do it too.

“There is not only the risk of getting pregnant, but also the range of different infections they can end up with.

“They don’t think of the long-term effects of having casual sex. The infections out there now can cause infertility in the future, as well as other problems later in life.”

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