Concerns over pond pollution

A Scarva resident has raised concerns over pollution discovered in the pond at the local park.

The resident noticed what was described as a film of oil like substance over the surface of the pond which could be harmful to wildlife and dangerous for children in the nearby play area.

“I use the park all the time and I would be worried about what harm this could do to children,” said the resident.

“It could also cause harm to the wildlife especially the fish and birds.

“My kids play in the park right beside the water and I think the council should be trying to find out where this is coming from.”

The pollution has occurred just months after a new nature trail was unveiled at the park in May. The park also has a pheasant aviary and children’s play area.

Councillor John Hanna however made it a priority to go and check out the situation, and believes it is nothing to be concerned about.

“There is a fine layer of scum over the pond, but nothing to signify a bigger problem” said Councillor Hanna.

“It is only a very light layer of what seems to be natural oil or scum possibly from the plants, but not a serious pollution problem.

“It covers only a few meters of water but beyond that the water is clear.”