Concern over broken glass at play park

The council has said it will take prompt action on any reports of littering in its parks following complaints from locals concerned about broken glass in the Huntly Park area.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 11:59 am

Posting on the Banbridge Saints and Sinners page, Cathy McCreanor said: “Banbridge and Armagh council don’t clean up parks any more.

“Huntly park is a disgrace - glass is bad.”

In a statement the council responded to assure residents that the park is regularly cleaned.

“The council continue to clean Huntly Road play park and the Huntly Woods area on a regular basis,” a council spokesperson said.

“If residents are aware of issues regarding broken glass and littering they should report this to the council on 028 4066 0604 and the issue will be promptly dealt with.”

Others felt the blame should not be directed at the council, calling on people to have more respect for parks.

Stephen Wilson said: “Should your comments not be directed towards those who leave the play parks in this state in the first place?

“It is those thoughtless thugs who congregate there, drinking and using drugs, who break the glass and leave the areas in a state which is dangerous for others with families to use.”

Anthony Oliver said: “Local people should have respect for the park, keep it tidy.”

Mentioning the dog fouling problem too, June Mcalinden said: “Parks should be left tidy. Maybe cctv should be put in them, but if there’s broken glass it’s up to the council to clean them not the parents.

Noleen Magill said: “I agree June 100% with you and with everyone’s comments. The parks need tidied I know.

“I’m not sure about other parks in the town but the one at Huntly is locked at certain hours.

“I take my wee niece there to play, but the young ones at weekends always got together in the park to drink and no doubt smash bottles, but with these two problems on going everywhere finding a solution is a nightmare.

Councillor Carla Lockhart has said she will be personally working with the council and residents to address this problem.

“Obviously this is very worrying and now that this has been brought to my attention it is important to take measures to try and stop this happening in the future,” she said.

“It is everyone’s responsibility and duty to clean up after themselves and so I would urge those responsible for this to please be mindful of the fact that there are children and elderly people also using this area and broken glass is very dangerous.”