Community service for thefts from Tesco

A couple who stole from a Tesco store were given community service orders last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 3:19 pm
Updated Monday, 8th January 2018, 3:23 pm

They were Gregorz Greda (55) and Hannah Greda (51), both from Glenview, Hillsborough.

Both admitted the theft of alcohol and weed killer worth £103.50 belonging to Tesco on August 4 last year and attempting to steal alcohol worth £79.50 on August 11.

Hannah Greda also pleaded guilty to stealing various grocery items worth £200.54 on July 27 last year. Both were given 100 hours community service while she was ordered to pay £253.79 in compensation and he was told to pay £53.25.

The court heard that on July 27 Hannah Greda went into the Tesco Extra store at the Outlet in Banbridge.

She took bottles of drink, books and grocery items and was seen taking off security tags and hiding them throughout the store.

On August 4 both defendants were in the same store and she again selected a number of bottles of alcohol and removed the security tags.

They then left without paying for the alcohol and a weed killer gun. On August 11 at 3.30pm she took three bottles of drink, removed the tags and went past the last point of sale.

Gregorz Greda then put the bottles back on a shelf for reasons unknown. During a search of their home some of the bottles which had been stolen were located.

She denied stealing books or any other items and denied the other defendant was involved. He denied any knowledge of any of the thefts. Neither of them had a record.

A solicitor said their position had now changed and they accepted the offences. He added that on the first occasion it was an ‘impulsive decision.’

He said that Mr Greda had left the bottles back because security staff had become aware of them.

Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer said it could not be impulsive to return to steal so that made this a more serious matter.

He added that it was appropriate the defendants should pay something back to the community.