Community grants

To assist local groups and organisations commemorate important historical events, Banbridge District Council is offering financial assistance towards the planning and hosting of commemorative events taking place within the district.

Friday, 18th April 2014, 9:35 am

The objectives of the grant programme is to create a positive image of the district and to stimulate, promote, improve and develop community involvement and relationships while fostering a sense of civic pride.

Events organised during 2014 may be eligible for consideration for financial support from the grants programme provided they meet programme objectives and a set assessment criteria.

The event must be focused on promoting historical facts and should recognise the implications and consequences of the event being commemorated. It is also important that it is understood that different perceptions and interpretations exist and show how events and activities can deepen understanding of the period.

Application forms and funding criteria are available from Banbridge District Council Community Services on 028 4066 0605.