‘Cloth nappy’ event at Tesco

Fundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street

The Cloth Nappy Library NI will be holding an informal get together at the Tesco Bridgewater Extra, Banbridge this weekend on November 15 from 10am and November 16 from noon.

With an approximate 1,354 children in nappies in the Banbridge area, a huge 1,164 tonnes of nappies are going to landfill each year which is equivalent to 850kg per baby per year.

This amount of unrecyclable waste has numerous costs; both financial and environmental.

The Cloth Nappy Library NI’s informal get-togethers are events where mums and dads can come along to hear about the library service. where they can rent out nappies and all required accessories for two weeks or where they can find out more information about cloth nappies in general and see them in real life.

For further information visit www.clothnappylibraryni.com

The Cloth Nappy Library’s, Jenny Finney, said, “We’ve moved so far from the old, dated traditional view of cloth nappies to one which is now smart, comfy, easy on the eye and – above all else – great for the environment.

“I am the local representative and volunteer who just aims to show people that modern cloth nappies are very easy and manageable.

“I have two children in cloth, one 21 months old and another five month’s old, and I love using cloth.

“I was interested initially in order to save money but found once using cloth nappies that they were superior in containing leaks.

“Personally I love the knowledge there are no chemicals next to baby’s skin, and of course, I am not contributing to landfill at all. My husband was a little reluctant when first introduced to the idea, but is a complete convert now,even choosing to bring them on holiday. They are as simple to put on as a disposable nappy.”