Church of Ireland Bishop recovering after cancer treatment

Bishop Harold Miller has received treatment for cancer
Bishop Harold Miller has received treatment for cancer

Church of Ireland bishop the Rev Harold Miller, in a message posted on his Down and Dromore web site, has thanked people for their prayers for him during recent treatment for cancer.

The Bishop said: “A very big ‘thank you’ goes to all who have prayed for me and sent good wishes, during the time of my treatment for prostate cancer. I am very glad to say that the treatment is completed and the prognosis is very good indeed. It has taken a little bit out of me, and I get more tired than would have been the case, but energy levels are returning gradually.

“People in the diocese and beyond have been so kind and supportive, without ever being invasive. I have so often heard others say how they were upheld by prayer during illness, but this is my first personal experience.”

The 67-year-old bishop said it was his first personal experience of being “upheld by prayer” during illness.

“It has affected me personally,” said the bishop, whose struggle with illness in recent months had not been widely known and he had made no public comment.

The bishop grew up a Methodist in North Belfast. He has been a Church of Ireland cleric since the mid-1970s and became a bishop in 1997.