Church gifts presented at dedication service

MEMBERS of Saint Bartholomew’s Church in Donaghmore recently celebrated a dedication service.

Donaghmore is one of the oldest parishes in the diocese. The name Donaghmore derives from the days of St Patrick with the literal translation meaning “Great Sunday” and is commemorative of a visit there by St Patrick himself. Domnach Mor is the name given to every place that St Patrick visited. The baptismal font dated 1762 was believed to have been used in the original St Mac Erc’s Church which stood about 60 feet south of the present church. In 1826 the vestry was built and in 1829 the Square Tower was added with the bell hung.

The present church was closed on 16 September 1954 for rennovations and opened again on 23 September 1954. At this service the Dean of Dromore said:

“Jesus Christ himself, being the cornerstone, in whom all building fitely frames together groweth unto the holy temple in the Lord.” Ephesians 2:20-22

Last month Church Rector Reverend Peter Dawson Thornbury welcomed members to the churche’s dedication.

A number of gifts were presented to the church from members of the congregation. These included a Hymn Book storage box from Olive Bushe in memory of her father George Mathers of Dromantine; red carpet throughout the church from the McGaffin family from Donaghmore; Ceiling lights and the repainting of the porch from George and Renee Thompson of Banbridge; the ceiling from the Select Vestry in Donaghmore; Hymn books from Rev Gary Galway of Drumcree Parish; Kneeling pads from the Selected Vestry in Donaghmore.

Orly Watson, the Church organist for the past four years is going to Oxford University to study music and the church wishes her all the best with her studies.

The Select Vestry for Donaghmore 2011 comprises Mayne McClelland, James McClelland, Willima McGaffin, Trevor McGaffin, Niall McKnight, Norman McKnight, Andrew McGaffin, Greta Jackson, Geroge Thompson, Irene McClelland, Geroge McGaffin and John McGaffin.

Church Officers are as follows: Rector’s Church Warden Mayne McClelland, People’s Church Warden Norman McKnight, Sexton James McClelland, Honourable Treasurer to Select Vestry Niall McKnight, Secretary to Select Vestry William McGaffin.